Sunday, March 22, 2015

Devon’s Choice by Catherine Bennett

Book Blurb: 

Life holds no surprises for Devon Murphy. Her life consists of keeping tabs on her aging Irish father, working part time at a coffee shop, and building her online graphics design business. Devon’s only tricky situation is a shallow relationship with the pampered and affluent Michael Turner, who sees her as just another woman to conquer.

Following his father’s death, Brandon’s only goal is to expand the family business and live life on his own terms. That is, until he walks into the coffee shop one snowy evening and meets the enchanting, red-haired barista behind the counter. But can Devon and Brandon’s attraction for each other be strong enough to help erase their deepest disappointments and renew their faith in God?

Sweet Willows Review:

Romance, inspirational and intriguing is the words I would describe Devon’s Choice. Catherine writes with such ease and grace while building the plot and her characters. I loved the whole entire atmosphere of this story and watching Devon face some challenges and choices.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romantic inspirational read. 

Author Bio via Amazon

I grew up in Ohio where I currently live with my husband and our two rescue Labradors. Some of my favorite things include reading, shopping, pepperoni pizza, Hershey bars and hanging out with my two grown sons. I also love dogs; so going to the dog park is cheap entertainment for my husband and I!

Growing up an only child, I had many imaginary friends. I believe this - and a love of books - fueled my desire to write. It was many years later that my dream of becoming a published author came true.

"Devon's Choice" and "The Trouble With Charlie" are both published by Astraea Press.

The Circus in Me by S.M. Bjarnson

 Book Blurb:
 The Circus in Me confronts a girl’s outcast journey. Amish to the bone, born and bred to be as such, Tracey Aliza discovers a magical land outside of her traditional community. On a quest for solitude amongst the vagabonds. She comes as a drifter transforming into a better version of oneself called by the name Trae Lae.

Outside the safety of confinement Trae Lae learns hands-on experiences being an adult in modern society. Struggles to let the past remain behind her she concentrates on performing as part of the team. Back and forth motions bring her to a whole new level of acceptance. College in due course calls to her. Off she flees to the next adventure on the map marked with an X.

Welcome to BYU-Idaho! A Mormon college located on the southeastern region of the great potato state. Trae Lae traces a path in-between a religion she was forced to vacate and another indulging her capacity to a newfound faith that contradicts her soul further. The journey grimy and gray toward the new beginning of endearment. On a mounting podium to seize control of the wild beast conformity. She becomes an acquaintance of a young man by the name of Briggs who is also in torment of historical demons. Their lives intertwine into courses neither of them accused as possible. One girl’s bonnet for another man’s briefs. Do our conclusions meet requirements previously posted? Turn the pages to find out if Trae Lae and Briggs can find a way out of fate’s fortitude. With every whimsical there is a wish, with every star there is a shine, where there is a shunned Amish girl there is bonnet about to be burned.

Sweet Willow's Review:

S.M.’s story of Trae Lae was written about a young girl that leaves the security of her upbringing to adventure out into society and Trae Lae struggles in everyday life and trying to fit into a team as she fights to let go of her past. 

S.M. is a great writer and one that brings life to the pages of her book. I would recommend this book to anyone that is wanting to inspirational story that touches the heart

 Author Bio via Amazon
S.M.'s origin of script commenced at the earliest of eons.
Growing copious ambitions to be a novelist.
Exploring choice roads in making this goal complete.
Once deliberating self-publishing the best option, the first edition of The Tangled Tears a novella published in 2013. The Circus in Me, new to the collection of young adult fiction came into print April of 2014. Proclaimed to a livelihood of a dream catcher. Imaginative power fueling her creative projects; more Young Adult novels in route.
Clean of ink stains and paper cuts, she dabbles in scrap-booking & wood crafts, also enjoys cooking. S.M. lives in Idaho with her husband and son.

A Future for Tomorrow- Surviving Anorexia - My Spiritual Journey by Haley Hatch Freeman

Book Blurb:
An autobiography of a woman who survived her eating disorders, and an inspiring chronicle of her journey.

Sweet Willows Review:

Haley's story broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Haley is an angel and a true survivor and a great friend with great talent. I truly enjoyed reading her story of survival and one that I will keep close to my heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a life story to read and one that will touch their hearts and soul.

We can all learn from Haley's story and how to be a better person to ourselves. Haley may be a survivor but she is definitely an inspirational teacher and a great writer.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Death is but a Dream by Erin Hayes

Erin gave me a copy of her book “Death is but a Dream” for a honest review and for my personal enjoyment. Thank you Erin!

Erin’s story starts out on a twist and it captured my attention in such a way that I fell in love with the characters.

Erin’s story line being based around Greek mythology is what made this story enjoyable to me. I feel in love with the characters and her excellent plot drove me to want to finish this book. Death is but a Dream is a book I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a really good fantasy mystery based on Greek mythology. 

May be a spoiler to some!
 Callie being my first favorite and wanting to know more about her and the adventure Hades had for her. Plutus, being my second favorite character just because my heart ached on what I have read about his disadvantages but also the hurt he must feel of being the god of wealth.  

Erin, as an author as real talent for words and I can truly feel her interest in Greek mythology and her love for her characters. 

Author Bio from Amazon

Sci-fi junkie, video game nerd, and wannabe manga artist Erin Hayes writes a lot of things. Sometimes she writes books, like the fantasy mystery novel Death is but a Dream, the sci-fi middle grade book Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average, and the Her Wolf paranormal series.

She works as an advertising copywriter during the day, and she moonlights as an author. She has lived in New Zealand, Texas, and now in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, cat, and a growing collection of geek paraphernalia.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mickey & Willie Mantel and Mays, the Parallel Lives of Baseballs"s Golden Age

Blogging For Books Review:

Mickey & Willie by Allen Barrra was an incredibly interesting read and I truly enjoyed reading about these two great of  baseball; history. With being a Yankees fan, this book was well written with great knowledge about baseball and the historical and cultural side of Micky and Willie's life and secret troubles and roles they hid from the public eye.